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Jaqsy First Grade Breadwheat Flour is an environmentally friendly product.

Our flour is rich in gluten and minerals. A unique feature of Jaqsy Flour is its natural content without GMOs or chemical impurities.

By growing our own wheat, we can guarantee the safety and quality of our products. All stages of breadwheat flour production, from sowing wheat to processing, are carried out in-house by the TNK group of companies, thereby guaranteeing the 100% Kazakhstan origin of the finished product.

More than 7% of the total flour produced in the Republic of Kazakhstan is produced in the mills of the Agrofirma TNK, LLP group of companies.

First grade wheat flour of Kazakhstan origin in sound condition, of good merchantable quality, complying with GOST 26574-2017.

    • Colour - white or white with a yellowish tint
    • No more than 15% humidity
    • Ash content no more than 0.75%
    • Gluten - at least 30%
    • W - at least 400

Shelf life: 12 monthswhile observing the storing conditions. Store in a dry place at a temperature not exceeding 25˚C and humidity not exceeding 70%.

We ensure the high quality products and a flexible pricing policy!
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